• Matt Raskin

Talent: Attraction, Selection & Growth 

To get started, we will take 10 seconds to think about our organization and reflect on the following question:

Name a part of our business that works without people?

Give it 10 seconds...

We've asked this question to hundreds of leaders, and the response remains the same - it does not exist… yet.

Anything we need accomplished in our organization, at some point, requires human interaction. From the creation of a product, new ideas, or creative workflows - humans are at the center of everything we do.

This post is not intended to be a discussion about robot overlords vs. human existence; other parts of the internet handle that conversation magnificently! This post and the corresponding series aims to help us think about the humans we select and grow as part of our organization.

If we can all agree that nothing in the organization happens without humans, then we hope to find a little time to reflect, explore, clarify, and define the organizations we create and the talent that drives them.

Throughout this series, we will go between philosophical ideas down to ground-level tactical resources to leverage today. The goal is to help increase clarity surrounding the direction, goals, talent, growth & performance.

To help increase clarity, we will journey through the following topics:

01| Talent Foundations: Art & Science

Here we will explore the purpose of your organization, roles within the organization, and talent foundations helpful in attracting & recruiting talent.

02 | Recruiting: Talent Attraction, Qualification & Selection

Next, we will shape a recruiting workflow that fits our organization, targets the right behaviors, and intentionally selects the right talent.

03 | Onboarding & Growth

Once we find the right talent, we need to build conditions and experiences to help our new coworkers onboard effectively. Once oriented, we must also define experiences that grow our performance, culture, and people.

04 | Virtual Realities

In the final installment of this series, we will focus on better practices for recruiting, onboarding & growing talent within a geographically diverse organization.

Our hope is that this journey helps increase clarity, intentionality, and, most importantly, communication within your organization.

To get started, let's take a look at the foundations for talent.

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