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Technical Projects

We work on a wide range of projects in the venture studio side of the business. This page lists some of our code and other resources that might help others. if it's here, it has been open sourced with a permissive license. 

This project uses SwiftUI to build a wireframe of an app and then a step-by-step wizard to all for creating new projects within the app. The end results are saved out to a plist.

User Defaults is a great way to see how data changes for some apps on a Mac. This project can be used in a dev view to see changes as they happen.

Swift module to provide the  known `OSStatus` values and `unknown(OSStatus)` case for any other values that may be encountered.

Most programming languages import a lot of stuff. Swift is no exception, except rather than just import within the code or access a .dylib, we're supposed to load extensions. This site digs into tools for those.

This is a collection of github projects that can be linked up to do some pretty granular monitoring of apps, devices, endpoints, etc - and alert based on a given status.

We love to play a little RPG here and there. Wouldn't it be cool someone said at some point, if there was a site that could just assign a familiar. Now there is.

This module adds methods to the Data type to facilitate easy persisting, fetching, and deleting of Data in the keychain.

We might not have lava lamps sitting on our desks any more, but who doesn't love a little fractal here and there. The 90s are alive I tell ya'!

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