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Our Philosophy

Technology is changing the world we live in.

Whether that change is positive or negative is up to us.

As we create future, we should building organizations that ask more than whether a new business can make money? We must also ask how we can improve the lives of others. That includes our future coworkers and the impact we have on our communities


We believe in building businesses that are profitable, meaningful and sustainable - while having a positive impact on our customers, employees, and communities. Let's get to work.

Why we're here

Building a company is hard. By connecting startups with people who have successfully built organizations, we believe we can raise the bar and provide for an exponentially more successful ecosystem for launching innovative new companies. 

Be or do

You can build a business that is profitable and still be beneficial to the community, employees and customers. Values are what we do, not what we say - what we will or won't do to be successful. Values are the foundation of all business decisions so we encourage others to be clear on their organization's values from day one.

Guiding principles

Ethics are the moral principles we live by. They are also the guideposts to success in business. By running our companies ethically, we are able to react to changing realities and do what's best for our communities, coworkers, and companies.

Benefitting everyone

There is a strong and growing community of startups in the Twin Cities. We aim to provide a clearing house of information that supports founders, funders, customers and employees. By sharing information that’s beneficial, we learn from each others' mistakes and change conventional wisdom.

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