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Manager & Employee 1:1 Conversation Guide 

In times of change and transition, it can be easy to lose focus, connection, alignment & clarity with our teams.  Below, we have provided some proven 1:1 conversation starters to keep communication moving and teams/employees oriented, supported, and aligned.


How are you (your team) doing?

What is working with this transition?

What isn’t working with this transition?

What questions do you (your team) have about the business/customers?

How can I best help you (your team)?

  • What do you need me to…

    • Start doing

    • Stop doing

    • Continue doing for you/team?

Focus, Performance & Productivity

Last Week

What were your priorities & goals from last week? 

  • Where were you successful? Why?

  • Where did you struggle? Why? 

  • What roadblocks did you hit? Why?

  • What lessons did you learn? How will you bring them forward? 

This Week

What are your priorities & goals for this week? 

  • What does success look like for you (priorities & goals)? Why?

  • Any potential roadblocks? Why?

  • What can I (manager) do to help? 

Growth & Development 

Last Week

What new skills did you develop? 

  • Where were you successful? Why?

  • Where did you struggle? Why? 

  • What roadblocks did you hit? Why?

  • How did these new skills help you?

This Week

What new skills are you going to focus on this week? 

  • How will these skills help you accomplish your current goals? 

  • How much time are you looking to spend on developing these skills? 

  • What experiences, coaching or training do you require? 

  • What do you need from me (manager) to support your development? 

  • What will you be able to do with your new skills? 

Environment & Expectations

Working Remote: Expectations & Alignment 

  • Communication Expectations (Access & Response Times) 

    • Messaging, phone, email, slack, hangouts...etc​

  • Access & Working Hours 

    • Manager: What are your expectations?

    • Employee: Where do you need additional flexibility? 

    • Action Item: Agree on what flexibility looks like! 

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