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You have your own path to chart. But a little guidance goes a long way. At Bootstrappers we provide programming to help you get through the various stages of development quicker and maybe - just maybe - without making some of the mistakes we made along the way. 

OW Series A to Series B

Operators Workshops connect experts in various positions with founders of early stage startups to provide guidance around a variety of functional areas. We elevate your capabilities in the places needed to help you get to the next stage.

This series is offered twice a year in partnership with

Contact us if you are interested in participating!

Expert Series

You've proven that you can bring in customers, launch products, and build a solid business worthy of investment. As you take on outside capital and board members, you will get a lot of advice on how to scale your business that can leave you discouraged and confused. We have been there, and will help guide you to the next level. The first Operators Workshops for Series A --> B is coming in 2020!

Contact us if you are interested in participating! 


The Expert Series is programming with a deep dive into subjects that require more time to understand, 

presented by professionals with experience operating in their areas of expertise. 

Contact us to get more information about our programming.

Information and programming isn't one size fits all. Sometimes a little outside perspective and expertise working directly with you and your team can provide the boost that you need. Contact us to learn about the consulting expertise available through the Bootstrappers team. If we don't have the answers you need, someone in our network will!


If any of this programming can help your organization, please fill out the contact form on the main page to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

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