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This workshop series is developed to serve tech startups that are in early stages of development. Qualifying founders have grown their company past the point of ideation to where they have won customers, hired their first employees or taken outside seed capital to fund their growth. Each one of these markers is a sign of business maturity that demonstrates that founders and organizations are starting to see challenges where additional information and connections in the community will be appropriate and productive.

The Operators Workshops are presented by the Bootstrappers team with volunteer operators from the Twin Cities entrepreneur tech community. These operators have themselves gone through the process of growing a company to a successful state or are working in tech companies in their area of expertise. All the operators are excited to share what they have learned and help emerging founders build on their experiences. 

Operators Workshops spend time in areas critical to organizational growth and success: we start with the fundamentals of building your organization's scorecard and goals around your mission, vision and values. From there, you hear from experts in product management, engineering, services and education, marketing, sales, customer success, finances, human resources and legal. 

We are proud to partner with to present the Operators Workshops to a small cohort of tech companies looking to up their game in all areas of organizational operation.


We will be opening the application process for the 2020 cohort later this year. Stay tuned for more news on application information!

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